What is CIT Electronics?

CIT Electronics is a leading electronics wholesaler selling thousands of devices daily, including but not limited to previously owned cell phones, tablets, and MP3 players. We provide customers with daily inventory updates and competitive pricing and ship within 24 hours, Monday through Friday.

CIT supports hundreds of buyers of used electronic devices around the globe who regularly secure large quantities from our reliable inventory and in turn sell those same devices to their customers. Our relentless commitment to provide customers with quality products is to serve one purpose only: help their business grow.

For more information on how we can serve you, check out our About Us page or Contact Us.


Who bears the responsibility for shipping costs?

The buyer bears responsibility to pay all shipping costs.

Do you ship outside of the continental United States?

Yes; however, CIT does not ship to international addresses via DHL. Most of our domestic and international buyers use FedEx. We are happy to provide FedEx shipping quotes and will add the cost to your invoice.

What type of Shipment Insurance or Protection is available?

CIT Electronics is always looking for ways to protect our customers and provide additional value. Due to some lost packages during shipping in 2016, it has recently been made evident that the sender and receiver would both benefit if shipment insurance were provided. This will protect your purchase and ensure that if any disagreement arises over the responsibility of a lost or damaged package, you would be 100% protected and not lose money.

Please read our guide to Shipment Protection and talk with your sales representative when placing your next order.

Download Shipment Protection Guide


What tests have been performed on the devices?

All data has been erased and the devices have been reset to their factory settings. Customers will see on our inventory sheet the classifications of product we carry and which tests have been performed and passed.

Please click here to see more detailed information on the testing and cosmetic condition of our devices.

How will the devices look when they arrive?

All devices on this website are used and have been data wiped. If the device has a crack or other clear cosmetic issue, it will be noted on our inventory list, under the “Testing Passed” section.

Please click here to see more detailed information on the testing and cosmetic condition of our devices.

Are batteries and back covers included?

CIT receives devices from several long-term partners. Approximately 50% of the time devices arrive at CIT with backs and/or batteries intact. CIT does not remove any backs or batteries before sending them to our customers; we simply sell them as we received them – following our testing process. If customers require backs and batteries on those units that did not originally have them, we will accommodate if back and battery are available. However, a small increase in price will apply: 10% of the value of the device with a minimum of $1 for back and $2 for battery. The maximum fee is $2 for back and $4 for battery. Devices worth less than $10 have a lower minimum of $1.50 to get both back and battery. Example: A $20 phone where the buyer requests back and battery would cost $3 extra. A $100 phone where the buyer requests back and battery would cost $6 extra.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

On your first order, the minimum invoice amount must be greater than $500. All future orders must be over $1,000.

Can you hold or reserve products for me?

Due to the high number of customers CIT serves, we cannot hold or reserve any unpaid product In fairness to all our customers, CIT requires payment within 5 days of all orders placed.

What do the codes in the inventory mean?

On a first order, the minimum invoice amount must be greater than $500. All future orders must be over $1,000.

  • P: The device powers up properly.
  • GLCD: Good LCD with no obvious LCD flaws on the home screen.
  • GD: The digitizer (touch screen) works properly.
  • CD: Cracked Digitizer.
  • RS: Repair Stock. The device has been data wiped but has other issues.
  • DW: The unit has been data wiped.
Do we unlock or flash phones for buyers?

We do not currently offer this service.

I’m looking for phones CIT had in stock previously but that don’t seem to be available now. How do I get those models?

Contact your salesperson and let them know which models you’re seeking and the price you can agree to pay. We are eager to assist you.

Do you sell any accessories with your devices?

No, they do not come in their original packaging nor with their original chargers.

Do you guarantee Clean ESN?

We do not test the ESN or IMEI of the devices. Consequently, we do not know if they are clear or not clear. The ESN status varies greatly by carrier. If you're new to the industry, talk to your sales manager for assistance.


What form of payment do you accept?

CIT accepts wire or Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments and all major credit cards through PayPal.

How does CIT handle invoices?

We will include an invoice or packing slip if requested. If you need help with your invoice, your sales representative is happy to assist.

I made a mistake and need to return something I purchased. What do I do?

For the quickest response, please contact your sales representative. If an issue has arisen regarding something that CIT tests for, notification of the problem must be reported to CIT by email within 10 days of receipt. In the event you discover an issue CIT does not test for, returns or credit are not accepted.

When is payment considered late?

Payment is considered late if it has not been received via wire transfer or PayPal at least five (5) business days from the date of the invoice. On the sixth day a 1% fee per day (maximum of $50/day) will be added to the invoice for each day payment is late. Furnishing confirmation of payment through a copy of a bank statement or receipt within this 5-day period will allow funds to be received on the sixth day without a fee. However, any balance will be charged a 1% fee if the payment has not been received before the seventh day regardless of whether a receipt was provided.

What happens when a customer doesn't pay on time?

CIT reserves the right to cancel an order if it is not paid within five (5) business days of the invoice date.

What if I need to cancel an order or certain models on my order?

Canceling an order represents a great cost to CIT. There's the labor involved in packing your order but also the opportunity cost to us for not being able to sell it to someone else. Consequently, we charge $50 or 5% of the invoice whichever is GREATER on any canceled order.

What penalties occur if payment is more than 5 business days late?

Two penalties occur:

  • A late fee of $50 or 1%, whichever is lower, is applied per day until payment is made (or the order is cancelled). If a partial payment is made, then the penalty only applies to the outstanding amount owed.
  • If a customer has two (2) late payments within a 90-day period, they will be required to pre-pay for any future order. However, pre-payments will no longer be required after five (5) consecutive pre-paid orders have been successfully processed. Later, if the customer again is late with two (2) payments within a 90-day period, this penalty will be repeated.
Can the customer add to an order after it has been packed?

Yes; however, additions to orders already packed require a minimum of $2,000 in additional product.

Can the customer subtract from an order after it has been packed?

Yes. CIT applies a restocking fee of $50/hour (1 hour minimum) to the invoice.

Is there a handling fee when a customer requests that CIT open up packed boxes to verify product information?

Yes. CIT applies a handling fee of $50/hour (1 hour minimum) to the invoice.